Initial Brand Ideas



I have now started initial brand sketches which will develop into a complete brand image for the tuck shop. I have decided on the name ‘Tuck in’ with the second line saying ‘Home Grown Goodness’ to put emphasis on the home made meals, the USP of this tuck shop.

I have decided to stay away from the full on retro style I initially thought of because in most cases it would be difficult for the elderly residents to see the concept and brand due to all of the patterns and extreme fonts used. This is why I will now only use elements of that older looking style and create something more user friendly.

I have been playing around with the lettering and thought it would be a fun idea to change some of the letters to cutlery, or incorporate them somehow. For example, I could change the ‘i’ to a spoon. Also I thought about possibly arching the brand name so it resembles the lid of a pie, a classic hot home cooked meal.

All of these ideas are just a work in progress but are slowly taking shape. The only thing I have concern about is the colour scheme. During our client meeting I found out the Derwen would like to try and keep the tuck shop in theme with the rest of the brand. This is all good and fine and I can understand why they would want to do this, but the issue I see with this is that those brand colours and fonts etc don’t remind me of homegrown and home cooked hot meals which is obviously something I want with this new brand.


Initial Sketches

These are my initial sketches informed by my research on infographics. I have found out that imagery is key when it comes to making the design stand out and in addition to this, not to overcrowd the piece with text. Claire, the client, wants to make the designs as visual as possible having more focus on the imagery, rather than the text as well which has made this project very fun to get stuck in with.

These are just some basic layouts and imagery that I feel will help guide me when sat on the computer. I wish to use Wales as a country in there, to represent the brand and topic as a whole, The Size of Wales. Other key icons that I have sketched and wish to create on illustrator are trees, tree stumps and logs to try and keep with the deforestation theme.

One key idea I am keen to use is facts coming from the tree stumps. The idea behind this is that I mean to create a ‘deforestation’ scene. This will hopefully draw in the attention of the audience, as it will be visually more interesting than just pasting the facts onto the page.

Red Dragon Centre Website development

My task the other day was to take a look at the website for the Red Dragon Centre and see how it can be developed as it is very outdated, especially compared to its competitors and rivals.

The first thing that I noticed was how ineffectively they used their space om the website. Everything is crammed into about only 2/3rds off the webpage, which makes it hard to navigate and non user friendly. The layout and drop down boxes are outdated and along with the poor organisation of the topics and pages adds to the ineffectiveness of the website. The font choice is also outdated compared to their rivals and there is no subtly in the design, this means there is a very little to no obvious levels of hierarchy.

After looking at some rival websites such as The Rock in Manchester what I decided to hit the sketch book and come up with some images and possible layouts within the design that the rest of the team could help develop.

The main idea and sketch was about time and how you can go to the centre and do plenty of entertaining activities such as bowling or going to the cinema any time in the day or night. This is the reason for the drawing of the hourglass with all of the icons is that it represents the activities that people can partake in at anytime. This would then utilize the whole space and span across the whole page.

Other possible ideas were that they could use icons and more modern circles as links to other pages, making it more fashionable and easier to navigate.

This was all I had time for on this project before someone took it further, but the office manager liked my concept and wished to develop the element of time further. It was a good experience pitching a concept to someone who wasn’t a tutor as it was just something different, and I was able to get a greater insight into the real world of design.


Field Final Brief

Our final brief is to create a published article of our choice by any means possible. I knew from the start that I wanted to create mine about dinosaurs, but wasn’t sure which angle to take. My first two ideas were obvious, either compose a simple story about a dinosaur which would be fun but not very original. The other was a non fiction publication about dinosaurs, but again isn’t very original.

This is the point where I needed some guidance on how I could make a published item on dinosaurs that was an interesting idea. With so help I came up with the idea of doing a publication on my fascination with dinosaurs. Points and pages I could possibly expand on are:

  • When my interest started
  • Who influenced my interest
  • What items made me interested in dinosaurs
  • How these developed
  • Favorite dinosaur

After these points were decided I started thinking about different layouts I could use, what sort of imagery I could use and what sort of style it could be in. At this stage I would like to create a digital magazine in a cut and paste, pop art sort of style but will have to see if it works or not.


Initial Sketches