Final CV Design

cv2This is my final design for my CV. I have changed the layout so it fits a landscape page, and by doing this as well I have been able to add an about section, giving employers more of an insight to who I am.

The only other significant change was the replacement of the image of me, with a little character version instead. He is a running theme through out all of the items involved with this project and I feel he gives the design and me a bit more friendly personality than if he wasn’t there.


CV Initial Design

cvThis was my first outcome of my CV design. The theme and style is bold and modern, things that I feel both describe me well. The elements that give it this feel is the choice of colour and fonts, both loud and very noticeable.

The First thing you see is the name, I felt this was very important as it would be made easier for future employers to know who I am etc.

The problems with this design is that there is not much personality about it. This is because there is no ‘About’ section which tells the employer a little about who I am and what I do. Also the image of me is hard to see because of it being on the red background, so I feel this may need to change in some shape or form. The only other change that would possibly make this design better is if it was laid out landscape. This is because most of the CVs sent today are sent electronically, meaning by having it landscape I can utilize the screen space better.

Digital Me

This project is about branding ourselves as graphic designers, ready for the real world when that time comes. During this project we have to create a CV, PDF portfolio and an online portfolio to give us a presence in different medias.

So to simply kick start this project I have been looking at different forms of inspiration which I think are good pieces of work to get my creative ideas going.


All of these are nice looking and are simple to follow, including all of the needed and necessary information. The one I ma most interested in is the one with illustrations. I wish to experiment with designs like this as well as I feel it will catch an employers eye for being very different compared to the other designs. I would probably pair this with a ‘serious’ design as well when being sent out to different places.