Business Cards for 769 inc

One task which I really enjoyed at the end of last week was to design and revamp some business cards for 769 inc and Gareth, who is involved quite a lot for them. They specialise in selling used outdoor and exploring kit. Because of the branding project I did last term, I already had a good idea about layout and what to include on the cards, making it one of the easier tasks I have done here. But that is a good thing as it has just reinforced my knowledge and different techniques when it comes to designing business cards in the future.

The original design I was shown was bland and plain, looking very out dated. This was mostly due to the lack of colour and boring looking fonts.

I came up with two different designs, one horizontal card and one vertical.

First thing that strikes me with this design is the clear hierarchic values. The word mark is the first thing that stands out when you look at the design as it is the biggest and boldest element of the design. The rest of the design then nicely follows on, including vital information such as the contact details and the name of Gareth. On this note, I changed the fonts as well, to bolder and more modern ones, making the outdoor brand seem more adventurous.But on the other hand the issue with this design is that it is still a a basic layout and not the most interesting, despite the good clear structure.

The second design on the other hand I feel is more interesting due to the layout and the logo bleeding off the card. The way I have designed it, it is almost like the logo is folding around the business card. It follows a similar structure in terms of hierarchic values as the first design, as I felt that worked well. In addition to this, on the mock design I added a slight grain, for me, making it look even more an adventurous and an out door brand.

All in all this project was only a short one but as I said earlier has enhanced my thinking and knowledge for when it comes to doing something similar in the future.


Business Stationary Touch Points

Business stationary such as letterheads, business cards and compliment slips are an easy way to expand the and sell a brand. This is why it is important to have a sophisticated and clear looking design which makes it easy for customers to view that crucial information.

First up is the business card. After doing some research into layouts and what to include in my design I decided on the elements that I wanted to include on the design. These were…

  • brand logo and name
  • secondary line
  • contact information
  • address

I felt like these were important so customers can get a quick sense of what Creu Cof is all about. I feel like this design does its job well in providing essential information to the customers as it is in a nice structured order which the customers can follow easily. There is also a good hierarchy as the logo is the first thing people are drawn to, this leads nicely onto the contact details down below. In addition to this, on the back of the card I have the logo bleeding off the back of the card, just making it that little bit more interesting and down the bottom, three social media icons. These are simply so customers know what platforms of social media they will be able to follow Creu Cof on. The final point about this design is the secondary line. I have placed it on the top of the card t anchor the logo and enhance the modern feel and vibe of the brand.

The second piece of design is the complimentary slip. This has similar features to the business card, like the address, contact details and secondary line etc, but also has “With compliments” in the bottom right. The reason for this is so the customers know that the brand is thankful for them using their services, hopefully meaning they will revisit the business, creating brand loyalty.

The third and final piece of business stationary is a letterhead. This is used when the company will be sending out a letter to a client etc. It simply has the logo bleeding across the page in a low opacity. This is so the text over the top is still visible and also makes the design more interesting than having it the brand logo contained. Contact details and an address is also placed at the top of the page, which will then nicely lead on to the written letter. Finally at the bottom we have the brand texture with the second line typed into it. I made this design choice because I feel by having the second line at the bottom would round off the letter very nicely.

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Business Card Developments

This is one of the 5 touch points my client has asked me to design. I started off with doing some research and looking at existing templates. This helped as it gave me a better idea what to include on the card, instead of including pointless information. I decided that the information I needed to include was an email address, phone number and address of the shop and forge. Obviously I would include the brand name, Creu Cof, coupled with the logo but was unsure about including a second line.

After this was all decided, I did a couple of sketches to to give me some guide and direction before I started on the computer.

While designing I had a few variations mocked up as I was unsure which ones were my best designs. The initial black ones were my original favourite designs but because of the black and white colours it felt very flat and boring. Also looking back at it the design was very simple which didn’t help the boring colours. This is when I decided to revamp my design after adding some colour to my new and updated logo.

I am very happy with my final designs, with the new added colour I feel the cards look less flat than the other design. Also by having the finished outcome on a vertical business card layout just adds another aspect to the dimensions of the finished. This is also enhanced by the back of the card with the logo bleeding off the edge of the design.

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