Pictake Research and Stickers

I have been doing some research into making stickers for Pictake to add to thhe brand and have other touch points I can expand my brand upon. I am looking at using producers MOO as they are reliable and an easy source to use. At first I will only buy 52 stickers just to use in the end of year show ‘PLUS’ but afterwards I would like to print more to potentially sell them. They will also be something that I can easily apply other designs to as well in the future for other projects.


These are the stickers I wih to produce at the moment, depicting the brand logo and some of the politicians. The Only one I am not sure about is the Theresa May sticker as it is bleeding off the surface, not sticking in theme with the other stickers. What I am learning from this is that building a brand takes time and for this to work I will have to do some publicity stuff, whatever that might be.



Developing Tuck In (Milestone 3)

This is my final outcome for the brand Tuck In. I still prefer the green organic colour over the purple of the Derwen brand but that will be something to discuss with them at the meeting tomorrow. The only change has been the positioning of the bite mark. By taking it off the dot of the ‘i’ and moving it to the letter ‘n’ I feel it looks more obvious now what it is supposed to be, instead of it looking like a crescent moon. I feel now, like any good logo, it can work any scale that it is needed to. So hypothetically, if this were to go ahead it could work on the big scale sign for the front of the shop and smaller touch points like the bags and take away boxes below.


Ideas for getting the Butcher involved

cuts of meat

So the tuck shop idea was a good hit with everyone, but now after branding it I have to try and get local retail involved to fulfill my brief. Because there isn’t much in the area I have decided to focus my efforts on Robert’s the Butcher.

I have thought of different ways to try and get the butchers involved in the scheme, which have been explored and suggested in my last post. The one I have decided to focus on and pursue first is the special carrier bags. These have been designed so when residents use these bags to collect the meat etc, Robert’s brand will be publicized to the wider public as well as getting regular custom through the residents.


On the back of the bag I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of contents and cuts from the particular animal just to make the bag more visually interesting and to make it easier for the residents to know what they are receiving from the butchers. Doing something like this will also give me a good opportunity to screen print onto a cloth bag to make a prototype ready for next week, but for now it is time for me to focus onto making potential ‘Derwen Deal’ cards.

Canvas Tote Bag back

Branding the Tuck Shop and Communicating to the Butchers (Milestone 3)

TUCK IN-01During my meeting today I presented my ideas for the branding of the Tuck Shop, Tuck In. The general feedback was that the name and second line was good and promotes what the tuck shop is about in terms of being there as something for the residents to get involved with. After I also explained the use of colours instead of using the Derwen brand colours for now, everyone could understand my thinking. The reason for the green was to make the brand seem organic and home grown, unlike the corporate colours of Derwen.

The one part of the logo that I got mixed feedback was the dot on the top of the ‘i’. Some people could tell that it was clearly a bite mark, to and emphasis on the food element and some people thought it was just a crescent and could understand what it was. What I need to do for this element of the logo is to make it more obvious a bite has been taken out of it.

On top of this feedback, my project has changed slightly. I am still making the Tuck In brand, but this is not going to be my main focus. During my meeting I discussed that I was struggling with the overall brief for me which is ‘Communicating to retail’. The only option I had really considered was getting local retailers to sponsor the events. Now I have narrowed it down to just the butchers in the local area and need to come up with some hypothetical idea in ways Derwen can them can get involved together for mutual benefit. The idea would then be that the Gaer residents would then make meals etc to sell and supply for Tuck In, creating that local integrated community.

I have come up with a few ideas that could work, such as:

  • Derwen Deals – so maybe once a month the residents can go down to the butchers and get a special discount with the butchers. This way there is a lasting relationship and I can design something like a loyalty card etc.
  • The second idea sort of follows on from this. I can create special cloth bags which the food is kept for the Gaer community in this potential deal. On the front would be the Butchers brand along with, in association with Derwen and Tuck In. On the back of the bag could then be designed in way where it lists the contents of what is in the bag.
  • Recipe cards could also be designed as part of the process
  • The other ideas that might be a bit less viable is potential packaging for goods supplied to Derwen specifically. This would possibly seem a bit of a waste of time and waste of money, especially if the bag idea is used.

Now for my next step is to look a local independent butchers so I can get a sense of feel, touch, smell etc so I know what to take from it for inspiration.

Initial Brand Ideas



I have now started initial brand sketches which will develop into a complete brand image for the tuck shop. I have decided on the name ‘Tuck in’ with the second line saying ‘Home Grown Goodness’ to put emphasis on the home made meals, the USP of this tuck shop.

I have decided to stay away from the full on retro style I initially thought of because in most cases it would be difficult for the elderly residents to see the concept and brand due to all of the patterns and extreme fonts used. This is why I will now only use elements of that older looking style and create something more user friendly.

I have been playing around with the lettering and thought it would be a fun idea to change some of the letters to cutlery, or incorporate them somehow. For example, I could change the ‘i’ to a spoon. Also I thought about possibly arching the brand name so it resembles the lid of a pie, a classic hot home cooked meal.

All of these ideas are just a work in progress but are slowly taking shape. The only thing I have concern about is the colour scheme. During our client meeting I found out the Derwen would like to try and keep the tuck shop in theme with the rest of the brand. This is all good and fine and I can understand why they would want to do this, but the issue I see with this is that those brand colours and fonts etc don’t remind me of homegrown and home cooked hot meals which is obviously something I want with this new brand.

Branding the Tuck Shop


tuck shop brand ideas

I’ve decided that the branding of the tuck shop should follow similar designs to the vintage sweet and corner shops most of the residents will remember from their ‘younger’ days but incorporate the Derwen colours so it follows a similar theme.

Possible names for the shop are;

  • Homegrown
  • Lunch Box
  • Lunch Stop
  • Homemade tuck

I want to try and emphasize the homemade element of the shop as this is its USP and what sets it apart from your regular tuck shops.

For now I’ve decided on a few touch points that I can design for the tuck shop which are, Shop sign, price labels and then food labels for themed weeks. I intend  to add to this list but at the minute I am not too sure what the other touch points could be.