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After having a long break from the branding project, I decided to revisit the designs and update them accordingly to the feedback I had received.

Creu Cof final logo duo tone


van side anglevan angle view

web banner final


Branding, Becoming the Designer

At the beginning of the week had to collect my allocated job bag  with the brief and specifications inside. I ended up with a Welsh Blacksmith company called Creu Cof which means to create memory. They were established in 2014 by Aled and Cery Evans, who both specialise in delicate ironwork.

The brief they set for me was to become more visible to their target audience by designing a 5 touch points. We agreed on; Business cards, an A5 flyer for the craft shows they are part of, T-shirts to wear around the stall at the craft shows and the shop, a banner to hang at the stall and shop and finally a van for when they are driving about for deliveries and collections of materials.

After this was agreed I decided to do some research on the industry and see what were the iconic items associated with blacksmiths and sketched them up, while coming up with a few logos. While doing this I decided it would be good to try and incorporate some of the Welsh and Celtic knot designs somewhere to relate back to the Welsh heritage. The reasoning for this was because I didn’t want Creu Cof to look the same as any standard blacksmith. I then went onto drawing some quick scamps of touch points to see how they could look and giving me different ideas and combinations.