Updated Animation

New poster



This is my updated version of my animation. It is slightly different from my previous attempt but I feel has made some great progress. It is visually striking and engaging but yet is still without sound etc as it is not 100% complete yet.

The main difference between the two animation is that this one focuses on a smaller target audience, specifically Southwark, signified at the start, outside of the Southwark tube station where knife crime has almost raised by 47% in the last year.

Despite this animation being visually striking, after a few conversations two things need to be addressed. These are to change the tears to straight cuts so it relates to the knife more, and to change the design to landscape so I utilize all of the space on the screen. Despite this, the project is making good progress and there are still a few more ideas in the pipeline, such as having key frames from the animation in poster frames going up and down the escalators in tube stations.



New and Updated Poster

New poster

So this is my most recent design for the poster part of the Cut it out campaign which will then be formed into an animation and then a flick book. The idea behind this poster is that it is more striking and distressing than the last one. This is due to the rips happening across the whole design and in addition to this the change in fonts where the rips occur. All of this adds and relates to the shocking nature of the topic at hand.

My take away from producing this design is to keep pushing it to the unexpected and sometimes bizarre because often these designs are the better ones, and looking back to where this design has come from I can certainly agree with this.

Next during this project I will be animating this poster to make the whole thing more interesting and interactive for the people viewing it.

New Quote and Style

new quote

This is my new quote that I will be using for my poster and animation. It is related to a real life case in mid 2017, from Peckham. I have used a variety of different fonts to create these ‘hybrids’, making the overall outcome hopefully more striking. The idea behind this is that where the fonts changed on each word they have been cut with a knife, linking to the overall cause. When it comes to the final poster I will use photoshop to make them look like they have been ripped, adding to the striking and distressing elements of the theme.

Typographic Posters

Following the feedback from my presentation I have been researching existing typographic posters, specifically ones that are ripping and changing fonts over. I feel if I include something like the examples I have shown in this post in my final designs, they will be much stronger, engaging and less obvious pieces of work.



This is my favorite typographic poster I have stumbled across. The way each word is a combination of two different fonts with a rip in between is something I can take to my work to make the final design harder hitting and grittier to face, relating more to the dark side of knife crime.









Similar to the poster above I like the rips across the page, which in my project will represent the use of a knife. The only thing I don’t like about his is that I feel something like this will look too clean cut and refined for the topic I am trying to cover and portray.

Here are some more posters I can use elements from and include in my stop frame animation such as the ripping text of ‘PSYCHO’ just adding to the narrative of the rise in knife crime throughout my work. My next step now is researching specific areas where knife violence is worst and coming up with a new quote relating to that place or particular case in a similar style to the posters above.

Presentation Feedback

My presentation today went really well and got some really good feedback on how to take my ideas forward. From the feedback, I now know that my campaign idea, Cut it out works really well and the marque I have designed for it is really ‘contemporary and now’ which is really pleasing. Coupled with my secondary line this part of my campaign is complete.

I now have to focus on my animation being more hard hitting. The concept is good and is going in the right direction, especially the different angle I have taken by trying to target other people that the ones wielding the knives.  The ways I can try and make my animation harder hitting is by looking at previous winners of D&AD, typographic posters and change the typeface to something more edgy etc, or even have a few different ones to make it that little bit grittier. In addition to this the quote needs to be changed to add to this grittiness of this hard-hitting topic. To help with this I will look at specific stories and regions such as Glasgow or Peckham where knife crime is particularly bad. This way it becomes more personal and this project and campaign can then filter through the rest of the UK, instead of trying to target the whole of the nation at once.

Asset 4-100


Stop frame animation

This is just a simple stop frame animation to be more engaging that the existing material currently out there. The idea behind it is that it looks at knife crime from a relative’s perspective, in this case a younger sibling. The current quote “I used to look up to my brother, now I can’t” is just an example of what I will use. I could link it to a specific case to make it more hard hitting or personal.

During the animation, the page is torn in half to reveal a red background. During this part of the animation it will reveal my secondary line, ‘Knife crime leaves more than just one hole…’giving the initial quote more meaning and context. I feel this secondary line works well because it gets people to consider how many lives are affected by the consequences of others. During the fade ins and outs more relevant statistics will be used for the final version but at the moment I feel like the sequence and idea is working well.