Mock up exhibition space

So now with the project coming swiftly to an end I have started to plan out my exhibition space and mock up everything to scale. This is so I get an idea of how big everything needs to be printed and will look next to each other. These are just two layouts but I think I am most happy with the first one. I think it utilzes the space better by have the pictake logo on the floor and also another pictogram on the plinth, it is just blank space that can be used.

They will obviously be printed out in colour and onto vinyl, so I will have a nice brighht exhibition space, with the big title ‘Hard or Soft?’ being printed in red, like the red top newspapers. Also I haven’t been able to include them but where my newspapers are stuck to the wall, I would like to have two other newspapers there just to make it like a Newsagence shop. Coupled with that I will have a stack of my papers on platform like they would do in the shop, just to try and make it as much of an expierence for the people viewing it.



Animation Update

So you haven’t seen much posts about the animation but it is slowly taking shape. I am still currently getting used to the software and just trialling a few things. I think that is sometimes the best way to learn the software, just through trial and error. It has been taking time but it is worth it so it adds to my overall project and also adds another skill set in the bank that I can use.


Exhibition Planning

exhibition space - Jake G-D

Now that I’m doing the final touches to the project and animation and thinking about printing I have started planing the exhibition space. This is the plan for my exhibition space. I want to make the space to be my own, making it out to look like a news agence sticking to the news theme. If I get my way I will have the papers on a shelf to try and make it as authentic as possible. To add a bit of colour as well and make it more of an expierence I will print out 12 stars and scatter them around the space, with one ripped up represnting the UK. I am now really looking forward to setting this up ad laying my work out in a professional looking manner adn show it off.

Pictake Research and Stickers

I have been doing some research into making stickers for Pictake to add to thhe brand and have other touch points I can expand my brand upon. I am looking at using producers MOO as they are reliable and an easy source to use. At first I will only buy 52 stickers just to use in the end of year show ‘PLUS’ but afterwards I would like to print more to potentially sell them. They will also be something that I can easily apply other designs to as well in the future for other projects.


These are the stickers I wih to produce at the moment, depicting the brand logo and some of the politicians. The Only one I am not sure about is the Theresa May sticker as it is bleeding off the surface, not sticking in theme with the other stickers. What I am learning from this is that building a brand takes time and for this to work I will have to do some publicity stuff, whatever that might be.


Back to the Diss design

new dissnew diss2new diss3new diss4new diss5new diss6new diss7new diss8new diss9new diss10new diss11new diss12new diss13new diss14new diss15new diss16new diss17new diss18new diss19new diss20new diss21new diss22new diss23

These are all of the ‘final’ spreads for my disertation. I have tried to keep them consistent all the way through but I keep them dynamic as well, keeping the reader interested and flowing at a nice pace. I have tried to include imagery all the way through to give what I am writing context and some nice visuals, some of my own like the Grahpic design boundary and others whcih aren’t like the cart before the horse image. I have also tried to use a variety of pull outs and quotes just to highlight what is being expalined on the particular spreads, giving the reader a sense of direction through the different hierarchical elements.  The one major change form this is the page size from A4 to B5, a slightly smaller dimension to make it fell less like a corporate piece of work.

Although I have found designing this fun I must it has been a challenge for me, trying to keep everything consistent but still managing to design engaging layouts. What this project has done though is make me excited to see this final outcome professionally printed.

Chai Street Instagram

Similar sort of thing to the Gellifawr stuff, I was tasked to design some posts for Chai Street Indian Street Food Kitchen. These haven’t been confirmed if they will be used yet but it is all  still very exciting all the same. All of this was my own work apart from the pre taken pictures and pre designed logo.

indian onemojito-teststrawberry-double-text-behind-testall three

Also on a side note, I feel as part of the professional practice module the best knowledge and times have been gained from my BurningRed placements. Yes the talks that we get are interesting and sometimes helpful but you get the real experience from actually going out and doing it yourself.

Changing Farage

4. bus-019. just left-01

These were the original pictograms for Farage and I think because of the Hitler Mustache it was hard to distinguish who it was. So I have changed the face to a more Farage look a like but kept the Nazi salute and arm band just  to show my political stance on the matter. During these time I have learnt that with this type of image making you have to get your images spot on so people can get what you are trying to say without any explaination.

4. bus-01just left-01