Client presentations

Starting off with the designs, I feel there was a lot of great things about them. They were eye catching and looked different in terms of layout and style to what other people had produced.

The top three things about my design for me would be, the icons, dynamic layout and scenario themes and then making one of them into an animated video.

Starting with the icons, I feel these added something really interesting and eye catching to the poster. By creating them, they helped reinforce all of the statistics on both designs and making the design more visually appealing with more colour and dynamics.

Linking closely to the dynamics of each design, I felt they were very intriguing, making more interesting to look at. Because of this and the two scenario style I designed them as it made them look less flat than just a regular 2d design. I was able to achieve this with the use of drop shadows especially, making items look as if they were raised off the page, making the designs look as if they had different layers, much like a rain forest should do, linking nicely to the project and theme.

The third thing that I thought was good about my design was that I was able to bring one of them to life by turning it into a short animation. I did this because it would add a different aspect of my work and hopefully give it an even more engaging and realistic edge. I thought the sounds in particular were really good, making in more immersive for the client watching. But in general the video made my project a lot strong and interesting as a whole as I believe people are drawn more to them, rather than flat designs.

about us infographic 2 final printinfographic

Things that could possibly change with my design are some of the icons, different layout experiments and point size.

The icons in question are the ones on the Aims an Achievements poster. Although they are all nice looking and help back up and reinforce the statistics, I feel they could be produced in a similar house style, more like the other infographic. This would make it a bit clearer to understand and increase its professional finish.

Moving on, I am not sure what I would do differently when it comes to the layout of the Aims and Achievements poster because I believe it flows quite nicely. For the General stats on the other hand I Would try and change the positioning of the icons and statistic to see if they could flow and sit a bit better on the page. At the moment I feel that it just doesn’t have that consistent flow.

The point size. The only reason I would change this is for digital use. During the presentation it was difficult to see the text on the big screen. This is not a great concern to me because these designs are meant for hard copy use which the text can be read clearly.

Thing that went well in our presentation is that everyone spoke clearly and knew what they wanted to say about our work. The presentation on the screen was also clear, well put together and followed a simple structure which kept it all looking professional, making our life easier when presenting but also the clients.

One thing to improve on a personal level is that I should have spent a bit more time rehearsing and finalizing what I wished to say. I had a general idea of what I wanted to say, bu should have been more clear with myself as I missed out a few things that I shoud have mentioned, like I had created a video for them.

On group level all I can say is that we should have rehearsed together so we knew our cues when it was our turn to speak.

Overall, this project has been great fun to work on and has opened my eyes up even more when it comes to working with and understanding clients. I am also glad o have used imovie as I feel a lot more confident using video, and feel it would be a good idea to use it other aspects of my work.

Animated infographic

This blog post is just a short write up about my animated infographic.

It was a long process but in the end I managed to complete my animated video. As I previously explained in my last post, I wanted to create a video to help keep the audience engaged as I feel people are more interested in moving image, rather than just a flat one.

The most difficult bit of the process for me was the cutting up of my infographic into individual scenes on Photoshop. I had to add layers in one by one, making sure they came in a sequential order, meaning I had to pay close attention to each layer and where it was.

After this was complete I imported all of these to imovie, where I put the clips together and edited each time frame so the video could run smoothly. This part of the project was alright seeing as I have had previous experience using this tool, meaning I could be a bit more adventurous with trials and ideas. This is when I came up with the idea to zoom in and out of the text to make it clearer to read. I felt this made my video more dynamic and therefore more engaging.

Finally, I added sound. By using royalty free sounds and the ones provided by imovie, I was able to create a good atmosphere and more enjoyable and believable scenario. Hopefully the sound will draw the immerse the audience in even more.

Overall I am proud with how the video went and believe it will add another dimension to the whole project, making it that little bit stronger and stand out more.


Animation Storyboard

Our brief for this project was to create some infographics about the Size of Wales and the work they have done. I decided to go a step further, and to make my idea more interactive and interesting by aiming  to make one into a short animation.

For this I have had to draw up a storyboard, just to give me some form of direction when I sit down and make it on the computer.

The basic idea is that the tree stumps from will pop up from the ground, creating a scene of deforestation. The stats will each individually rise up from these tree stumps, where the shot will then zoom in on the information, making it easier to read. The image will then zoom out to reveal an animated icon to reinforce and so the audience can also visualize the statistic. In addition to this there will be sounds in the background to add to the atmosphere.

Some of the sounds I aim to use are:

  • Rain forest noises
  • A chainsaw
  • An axe
  • Crackling fire
  • Man made noises and machinery
  • Transport (planes and cars etc)

These will help add meaning to the moving image, and will hopefully make the whole piece more engaging.

Infographic Development for General Stats

infographic final

Again, with design there is significant development that has taken place. The first is the removal of the Wales tree stump. At first I thought it was a good part of the design, but looking back it wasn’t really adding anything to the design. It wasn’t linked to anything and was just there for the sake of it.

Secondly, I decided to carry on with the deforestation scene, as Claire the client liked that idea. This is supposed to be a duller contrast to the other design, the doom and gloom that would happen without the Size of Wales. And from the tree stumps that are left, all of the statistics are popping out of them now. In the previous design only some were, making the design look a little mismatch.

The only other modification to this design are the icons. I thought I should make them more detailed and interesting to draw the corporate audience in more, and to help back up and enforce the stats they are paired with. Apart from this I haven’t done any more developments.

To make this piece even better I asked for some feedback in a tutorial and the only point was to make the font size bigger (at least 14point) to make it readable from distance. When I do this I will have to re arrange other bits of the poster but this shouldn’t be an issue.

Developed Infographic

about us infographic 2

This is how the ‘Plans and aims’ infographic has developed. The first significant difference and development is the leaves added as part of the background. This was to add to the vibrant colours of the design, making it look much more forest like and vibrant, reflecting on the work that the Size of Wales do. That is the general feeling of this design, it is supposes to show off the good work that the organization are doing.

I have removed the extra figures like the client asked, to hopefully make look clearer and at first sight I feel it is much more obvious and clearer to understand from an audiences point of view. In addition to this I have added and designed more detailed icons. This was to enhance the design and make it more vibrant again, adding to the good feel of the Size of Wales and the project they are working on.

The only other change which I have made at this stage was after a tutorial. To make the design and layout more consistent, the points coming from the map of Wales in the center, all point to the image now, instead of being randomly placed.

To develop this design further, I wish to make it more consistent. I will do this by changing the colour scheme a small bit so the blacks icons become dark greens, making them stand out a bit less as they are not supposed to be the main feature of the design. The icons should all have equal hierarchy.

Overall I am very pleased with how much first attempt of an infographic is going and developed.

Advanced designs and Client meeting

about us infographic 2

Yesterday we met with our client for a second time. In this meeting we had to show her our ideas and concepts to see what she thought of them. The good news is that she liked everything she saw from the group, which is really encouraging to hear.

On this design, which was an infographic solely about the Size of Wales and their achievements, Claire said she like the bright colours from the brand guidelines, making it stand out. In addition to this she said the concept was really good so far and felt that including ‘Our Message’ was really important, something that know one else had done at this stage. One thing she would like to change was the X (times) numbers under the small icons. She said it could confuse the audience with too many numbers on the page. Looking at it now I can see where she is coming from. All she wants me to do now is to keep developing it to make it look as good as possible, but she really likes it so far which is a huge relief and boost of confidence.


This design which is on the stats about the rain forests was again received with positive feedback. Our client liked the idea with the facts coming from the tree stumps, and was wondering if all of them could fit that same style. We both discussed about possibly making the whole infographic into a more detailed deforestation scene. Initial possibilities would involved adding logs into the background and possibly playing with shadows.

The other aspect she really liked was the textured background. We both felt it gave an earthy sort of tone and feel to the whole design, fitting with the rain forest theme very well. She also really liked the colour scheme of the icons sitting on the green background, saying they complimented each other really well. I plan on amending these to make them look more detailed and more interesting, hopefully adding to the visual value of the design.

The only part she was unsure about was the Wales tree stump in the top right hand corner of the page. I placed it there just a s a visual experiment, to see how it would look and how she would react. At first I did think it was a good idea, but looking at it now it does seem a bit random and our of place. This means I will have to come up with a slightly different layout and design for this one, but overall the feedback I got was very helpful and has set me on an even clearer path.

Initial Sketches

These are my initial sketches informed by my research on infographics. I have found out that imagery is key when it comes to making the design stand out and in addition to this, not to overcrowd the piece with text. Claire, the client, wants to make the designs as visual as possible having more focus on the imagery, rather than the text as well which has made this project very fun to get stuck in with.

These are just some basic layouts and imagery that I feel will help guide me when sat on the computer. I wish to use Wales as a country in there, to represent the brand and topic as a whole, The Size of Wales. Other key icons that I have sketched and wish to create on illustrator are trees, tree stumps and logs to try and keep with the deforestation theme.

One key idea I am keen to use is facts coming from the tree stumps. The idea behind this is that I mean to create a ‘deforestation’ scene. This will hopefully draw in the attention of the audience, as it will be visually more interesting than just pasting the facts onto the page.