Vernacular Type

In this task we were in groups of four and were allocated a word. Our word was ‘scarce’ which we had to show through the means of vernacular type.

First we did our research and found out about items and things that are often scarce in the modern world we live in now. The top results were food and money. We decided to go with food. With more research we found that during World War Two, butter, a modern day commodity was scarce because it was highly rationed so we decided to base our project on that.

We came up with many different out comes, but our final result was chosen because we felt as a group it represented the word best. We wrote the word ‘scarce’ using butter on a piece of bread, too small to spread across the whole piece. We felt that this was an effective way of representing the word. Also by using butter we used something that everybody can relate to, trying to scrape the last bits of butter out of the tub just to cover one piece of toast, emphasising the meaning even more.

Toast and Butter (Scarce)

This can be shown with the second photograph on here of the empty tub with ‘scarce’ written inside. We didn’t choose this photograph in the end because we felt the piece of toast looked far more professional with better light and contrast, and in this piece, the word ‘scarce’ was harder to read and make out.


Butter Tub (Scarce)



The Zoot Suit and Referencing

In my last Constellation session of Smells Like Teen Spirit I learnt about the Zoot suit and the style and statements behind it. I found it was an extravagant suit, worn by young African and Hispanic Americans, originating in lower class neighborhoods such as Harlem and New York.

The Suit became a way of identifying ethnicity and by 1942 had become stereotyped with crime and was effectively an illegal symbol.

By wearing the suit, you would be considered anti establishment. But it was more than that. The Zoot was there to critique America’s stance in the Second World War and its defence of other races from inhumane crimes, when it was guilty itself of such crimes such as lynching and the Jim Crow system against non whites.

By wearing the Zoot suit, the African Americans made a statement, they would not be controlled by the white American Government. This was emphasised  by the large amounts of fabric used to make the suit, when fabric rationed and used sparingly, which is why it had anti establishment connotations.

Additionally I learned how to reference correctly by using direct quotes and paraphrasing, which will help me greatly in future with essay writing.

Using quotes

Expressive Type Logos

This short brief was to come up with three expressive type forms which should reveal three traits of somebody’s personality. My three key words that I chose for my partner were loud, organised and ambitious.

With loud I decided to create a sense of volume with enlarging each individual letter, with the last smashing like a mirror or glass when the sound is too loud. Out of the three this is my favourite because I feel it is the most eye catching due to the different sizes and scale of each letter form.

I decided with the organised logo I wanted it to resemble a ruler, as this tool reminds me of organisation. By creating a fixed width between each letter I got that sense of feeling that it looked like a ruler. This was enhanced by me making sure they sat on the same baseline and all letters had the same x height. Although this design looks good I feel it is not as effective as the other one.

My third design which was based around ambitious I found trickier. This was because I was unsure how to visualise it in my head. I decided to use a plain font for the main body of this design and changed the ‘I’ to a different more interesting typeface. The Idea behind this was that the single letter is being ambitious to be different, and stand out from the rest.

Typeface logo Logo Planning

Six Word Story

This brief was to create a six word story from one of Shakespeare’s plays, in a typographic form, using hybrid fonts. The play of my choice was Macbeth, and my six word story read “First Glory and Greed…Then Death” highlighting the key points within the play.

In My design I wanted the key words “Greed, Death and Glory” to stand out, so I emphasised them by using bold and effective hybrid fonts.

I have mixed feelings about the layout I have used. I like how “Glory” falls down the page because Macbeth’s glory was his downfall due to his greed in becoming king. The thing I am unhappy about is that if one doesn’t know the sequence of words then it is hard to understand and follow the story. However, overall I am happy with the composition of my first experimentation this year with typography and hybrid fonts.

Macbeth Six Word Story

Introduction to type

Today we searched around Cardiff looking for different examples of type. Each group had to search for different examples. My group searched for ligature, Clarendon and and Fat Face, all different and less obvious font styles to find. At first we went off searching aimlessly and did end up with some which fitted the categories we were looking for. Towards the end when we were walking back to uni not really thinking about the task is when we saw some of the better examples, such as the lettering on the Star Wars poster which fitted well with Ligature. In addition in the Prince of Wales we managed to stumble across some good lettering for Fat Face, which had big chunky serifs.

If I were to do this again i would make sure I had a plan on where to go and understand specifically what I was looking for, but in the end the final result was excellent because it showed a variety of type faces which make up Cardiff as a city.

Fat Face
Fat Face
Final outcomes
Final outcomes

Apeollo (story)

I decided to base my book around the Apollo 11 moon landing, but with apes instead of humans. I am very pleased with my final outcome as I have never done something like it before. By deciding on a the style of book  I was able to fold it to create one big image, in doing so making the book visually interesting.

I included flaps, pockets and pop ups to try and make it as interactive as possible. I feel these were risks worth taking as if pulled off it can make a very interesting book. If I were to do this project again or go back to it I would refine these things, making them look more professional and refined.

Also looking back I would make more prototypes and play around with a few more ideas instead of being fixated on one idea. This may have enabled my book to be even more successful.

12200505_1000642343327551_1576274048_n 12202178_1000642323327553_1553624559_n


The other day I expanded on my knowledge on how to read and analyse image, to gather different meanings. The first time I had done this in Constellation was of an image of Madonna, revealing a strong masculine sides to he outfit and personality. But the key thing in this lecture was the use of ‘Cath’s columns, which was an easy way in which I could easily take notes and refer back to the different columns. This will not only help me analyse other peoples work, but also my own work as a graphic designer.

Cath's columns
Cath’s columns