Penguin Book Cover Initial Idea


This is my initial design for the novel In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote. The main focus is on the hand as I feel it is the most interesting part of the cover. The idea behind it is that because it looks quite peculiar it will hopefully make the audience and potential buyers look twice at the book. The idea behind the imagery is that the black hand is representative of the murder and it is picking up the ranch where the Clutter family were killed, representing the family having the safety of their home taken away. The four hands with in the black hand, which create a sense of negative space portrays the four family members that were murdered by Perry Smith. The hand had also been drawn in the style of some of Tim Burton’s work such as the Nightmare Before Christmas. The long, thin fingers are supposed to look sinister, very similar to some of Tim Burton’s characters that he has created over the years. The choice of font, Franklin Gothic, I feel is a suitable choice of font because it has a serious element about it and this is a serious novel, so it is giving off the correct vibe to the audience.

Moving onto the back cover, there is far less imagery, just the two footprints, which is all the chief inspector had for leads at the start of the case. As much as this relates to the novel, I feel I could make the back cover more visually interesting by possibly playing with other imagery and slightly different artistic styles. In addition to this I believe the body copy of text on the back can be edited so it reads more clearly and has more of a structure to it. At the moment I feel after reviewing it I feel the font size could be reduced and with the introduction to some more playful imagery, the back cover would have more structure and be more interesting to look at, hopefully drawing more people into the novel.

My final point is that I feel this is too similar to Saul Bass’ work. The colour schemes and style of imagery can be edited slightly to make the design look more of a modern twist on Bass’ work. In light of this hopefully while I edit this design I can make it look more sinister and slightly less like a direct copy of Saul Bass’ work.



Penguin Book Cover Research

In Cold Blood was a novel I had never come across before so I had to research in some detail before I started putting pen to paper. I first fot to grips with the story and how it was a true sequence of events written by Truman Capote about the murders off the Clutter family in 1959.

From this point I decided to research artists who were about and recognised around the time of the murder and when the book was first published in 1966. There were a few but my favorite designer was Saul Bass. A very simple designer using silhouettes, simple shapes and a limited colour pallatte to make very unique designs. Most of his work is movie or stage production posters that he has designed. Just some of his work is included below. What I like about his work the most is the cut and paste collage vibe it has about it, almost giving it some kind of playful look and texture about it. In addition his work is very enticing because of the use of his imagery and what it portrays. Some of the images, in particular, the Rocky images are showing small amounts, but enough informative imagery to tell a some of the story and narrative to the audience. For these reasons I have chosen him as one of my main influences for this project.

Hanging Shop Sign

Although this is a very simple touch point it still has to fit with the style of the brand so it doesn’t feel disjointed and disconnected. This is the reason I have chosen a vintage looking hanging shop sign. I feel it fits the style of the brand because of the faded texture of the sign, complying to the hand crafted feel that I wish to portray.

Moving onto the actual layout of the design I have made the logo the biggest element on the sign so potential customers can see it from a distance, giving it greater hierarchy over the other design elements.

The final part of the design is the the contact details. I felt obliged to include these on the design because if a potential customer walks past and is interested in the brand but doesn’t have enough time to pop in, they can make a note of the contact details and get in touch via email or phone, making it more convenient for them.


Web Banner

The web banner is a fundamental touch point if you wish to have an online market. It also helps as so many people use the web these days, any advertisement is likely to be seen and noticed. This is why I decided to design a web banner for Creu Cof as it can be placed on various web pages, therefore promoting the brand.

With my design I created it with the idea that it would sit on the side of an already existing webpage and when the user scrolls down the banner will also move down as well. This would mean that the web banner is constantly in view.

web-banner-blogI made sure that when designing this it would have bold elements with in the design such as, the company name and secondary line. This is so it can compete with other components on different web pages for greater hierarchical value. The three little icons at the bottom of the banner are links to Creu Cof’s social media pages. These can be clicked on by the user to take them directly to the outputs to find out a bit more what the company is getting up to.

Finally, the three logos at the top of the design are bleeding off the banner. This is just to make the brand look and feel more visually interesting for the potential clients and the reason why there are three is the same reason fro the three rings in the logo, to represent the three founders and influences of the company.

My Life With Dinosaurs


This small but interesting publication is about my experiences with dinosaurs when I was younger. The front cover is interesting and draws the eye because of the dinosaur typography, hopefully making people look twice at the cover because it is very different to other  publications. Maybe so it fits with the rest of the colours inside of the booklet, I could possibly add colour to that to make it less flat, but none the less the design is still intriguing.

The first page sets the scene starting the story with one of my first key experiences with these huge beasts. It all started when I watched the series, Walking with Dinosaurs and I feel the imagery on the page fits well with the text. There is a picture of an old TV and VHS tape as these were the devices used when I much younger to record programmes I wished to watch at a later date. The images are set out and edited in a playful style to make it reminiscent of a child’s scrap book hence the bright  pop art style of image. This is to anchor the playful feeling with bright colours, colours which a young boy would love.

Moving on to the second spread, I have given it a subheading of The Evolution Stage. I feel this is a great and catchy heading because and a witty play on words, because like the dinosaurs, my interest started to evolve and change over time. The imagery on this page carries on with the scrap book theme with the bright image of the museum bleeding off the page, much like a young child has just slapped it onto the page. This is anchored by the opposite image of the huge bone bleeding off the page, next to a child like drawing of a young boy. The reasoning for this is to show the size and scale of dinosaurs, particularly when I was small lad, emphasising their size even more.

The  Third spread is about my collection of toys and is a complete double page spread in terms that it is together as one. I have placed the dinosaurs where they are on the spread so it looks like they are positioned how I used to play with them, pretending they were walking in great herds.

Overall I have really enjoyed this project because I love editorial publications but loved this one even more because I was able to do it on something I take a big interest in. It is the sort of project I can add to constantly as my interest is still evolving with time. If not I can still do similar publications with look at my enjoyable past and things I loved as a young boy. (I will upload some jpegs at a later date)


Business Stationary Touch Points

Business stationary such as letterheads, business cards and compliment slips are an easy way to expand the and sell a brand. This is why it is important to have a sophisticated and clear looking design which makes it easy for customers to view that crucial information.

First up is the business card. After doing some research into layouts and what to include in my design I decided on the elements that I wanted to include on the design. These were…

  • brand logo and name
  • secondary line
  • contact information
  • address

I felt like these were important so customers can get a quick sense of what Creu Cof is all about. I feel like this design does its job well in providing essential information to the customers as it is in a nice structured order which the customers can follow easily. There is also a good hierarchy as the logo is the first thing people are drawn to, this leads nicely onto the contact details down below. In addition to this, on the back of the card I have the logo bleeding off the back of the card, just making it that little bit more interesting and down the bottom, three social media icons. These are simply so customers know what platforms of social media they will be able to follow Creu Cof on. The final point about this design is the secondary line. I have placed it on the top of the card t anchor the logo and enhance the modern feel and vibe of the brand.

The second piece of design is the complimentary slip. This has similar features to the business card, like the address, contact details and secondary line etc, but also has “With compliments” in the bottom right. The reason for this is so the customers know that the brand is thankful for them using their services, hopefully meaning they will revisit the business, creating brand loyalty.

The third and final piece of business stationary is a letterhead. This is used when the company will be sending out a letter to a client etc. It simply has the logo bleeding across the page in a low opacity. This is so the text over the top is still visible and also makes the design more interesting than having it the brand logo contained. Contact details and an address is also placed at the top of the page, which will then nicely lead on to the written letter. Finally at the bottom we have the brand texture with the second line typed into it. I made this design choice because I feel by having the second line at the bottom would round off the letter very nicely.

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S4C Storyboard

This was the detailed storyboard my group used for our S4C practice run today. From previous examples the story has been improved greatly as there is more of a narrative this time with the father running to his daughter’s Eisteddfod, which he is late for, instead of a man aimlessly running through Welsh countryside. The idea was partially informed by research and partially expanded on by me as I have been part of a few Eisteddfods in my time at school. Being part of an Eisteddfod was one of the main points that came up when we researched key events that happen on St David’s day.

After we presented our pitch with confidence and really tried to sell our idea, we got some feedback about the storyboard to make a few little tweaks. It is basically to change a few scenes so the father is in a bit more of a rush and frantic. From our current story line all we see is him running and it looks like he is on casual jog to his daughters special Eisteddfod. The first scene should be of his daughter in her traditional Welsh attire waiting for him, wondering where he is. Then  the second scene should then be of him receiving an urgent text from his wife. Those are the first scenes that need to be changed by Wednesday to add to the urgency.

The others we could change are of him just casually running through the Welsh scenery and add a bit of parkour. After doing a bit of research we found out a bit more about parkour. It is essentially extreme running which means people are running and jumping over things such as fences and gates etc. We decided we could add something like this into one of the scenes just to give it that bit of urgency it needs. Other than that we felt that our pitch and narrative behind our idea were pretty strong. The reason we felt this was because our narrative helps educate the audience what it is like about St Davids day and hopefully makes the 30% of viewers in England what to be a part of it. Additionally with the use of a family in the narrative we felt that this is something most people will relate to positively, which is why with a few small tweaks to the storyboard we will be able to pitch a good idea to S4C on Wednesday.