Final Animation

This is my final animation. In reflection I am very happy how it has ended up. It started out as just a couple of sketches in my book with some rough notes on transitions and sounds not knowing the task that lie ahead.

I had never used After Effects before so when I first opened it, it was a bit daunting. Producing this animation was probably the hardest and most frustrating part of the project, but I am happy I did it in the end as it is another skill set I can utilize now and use to make me a more all rounded creative designer.

The animation may not be the most advanced in terms of techniques and effects but I think the simplicity of it is what makes it good. It goes with the simplicity of the images. What this animation does is just enhance the story and bring the project to life, enhancing and working in tandum with the newspapers.

What I have learnt from this is that new things sometimes take time to grasp. I initially opened up After Effects thinking it would be a breeze, but luckily I left my self enough time to actually learn the software. Again with this project, in particular the animation  has improved my time management skills, something that is key when beign a successful designer trying to meet deadlines.



Animation Update

So you haven’t seen much posts about the animation but it is slowly taking shape. I am still currently getting used to the software and just trialling a few things. I think that is sometimes the best way to learn the software, just through trial and error. It has been taking time but it is worth it so it adds to my overall project and also adds another skill set in the bank that I can use.


Animation story board

Despite not wanting to do an animation for my FMP because I have spent so much time on animations with previous projects I have found myself doing one again. I don’t mind too much with this one though as due to the style of Pictake, this hopefully shouldn’t be as time consuming as previous efforts.


Above are just some simple sketches of a story board. I didn’t make the drawing to detailed because I already have the images I want for the other part of my FMP, the newspaper. This is just a rough guide to give me an ide of what I should expect when I go and create the animation very soon. Nothing is too complex, I just want each movement and transition to help tell the story of Brexit. For example some of the animations would be something as simple as one of the speech bubbles growing, or question marks above Boris popping up above his head. And that is what I have learnt from previous animations I have attempted, with things like this it is best to keep things simple and they usually end up better than if you tried something over the to, which is what I want to achieve on this next stage of the project.

Struggling to find chapters

As of recently I have been working on the current chapters in my dissertation and they have been going well. I think the main reason the are going well at these early stages is because is because I writing about a choice that I take a lot of interest in and can relate it back to my subject practice and real life situations, something I have not been able to do in the past when it has come to constellation.

At the moment I must admit I am struggling to find things to research and write about in a relevant and contextual context as this is not something that always comes naturally to me.

What I have done to help improve my work and situation is go and see my tutor and work from there. From this point I have been told to research semiotics and how the are involved with graphic design and branding specifically.

Finding a definition for Graphic Design

One issue I have found when researching this topic and when doing work in subject is that graphic design is a huge subject that involves more than just the few elements that the Oxford dictionary states: Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books. This is not wrong but just from personal experience from subject I know that it involves more than this, forming the start of my research and initial argument.

When it comes to writing and researching a new definition and what is actually involved with graphic design I found a book written by Quentin Newark: What is Graphic Design? This has sections about finding a definition and what a being a graphic designer involves, another section that I wish to expand upon. All of this will be hopefully showing that graphic design is more than stated in the dictionary, giving me a good solid argument for this part of my essay.


Cardiff Branding Agency @BurningRed say ‘hi’ to Jake!

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As part of his second year Work Experience module BAGCer Jacob is working at the creative marketing juggernaut that is Burning Red in Cardiff Bay.

The company describe Jake as ‘a great asset to the team’ and he’s clearly getting so much from the experience: “The placement has been amazing so far, learnt so many different and cool things already!”.

Image: Burning Red

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