Cardiff Branding Agency @BurningRed say ‘hi’ to Jake!

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As part of his second year Work Experience module BAGCer Jacob is working at the creative marketing juggernaut that is Burning Red in Cardiff Bay.

The company describe Jake as ‘a great asset to the team’ and he’s clearly getting so much from the experience: “The placement has been amazing so far, learnt so many different and cool things already!”.

Image: Burning Red

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Icons for the Veteran Website

During the last few days of last weeks placement the my main task was to create some simple icons to represent:

  • Employment
  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Living Independently
  • Mental well being
  • Physical Health
  • Family and Community

I created them on Adobe Illustrator and while they all look good and have the right meanings behind the images, I feel some could be better executed that others. For example, the icons for mental well being, in particular the heads with the puzzle pieces have a good idea behind them, I believe they can be executed a bit better and be made to look more professional which is something I can focus on next week.

Some of my best ones are icons from Physical Health, housing and employment. Starting with Physical health, my favorite one from this section is the heart with the heart beat pulsing through it. I feel if one was used on the website this would be a good one because it has a clear meaning that it is about health, and the colour scheme also works really well. I also feel that the stroke and line thickness is perfect as well, just making it look that little bit more professional.

The same applies to both employment icons. The first is a work badge which is something common in a lot of work places. Again I feel the colour scheme and overall execution of this means it is one of the better outcomes. Same with the work bag under the magnifying glass, representing employment and finding a job clearly.

The last out come I am really happy with is the icon of the house with smoke coming out of the chimney. For this reason I feel like it portrays a more comforting home. Also, where the lines don’t connect I feel this makes it look more modern than the other two options.

Moving onto finance, I feel like I have created simple icons that show a clear portrayal of what is involved with finance. They could do with a little more work as some look  unfinished such as the piggy back or less modern than some of the others created. I feel this is because of a slightly less subtle colour scheme and on some images the stroke is too thin, making it in my eyes also look almost cheap.

Finally we come to independent living. This was a hard one as it was difficult to pin point an image that could solely represent it. I came up with a few such as a single sofa chair and the stick man with his hands in the air but the others seem unclear, in particular the one of the man sitting down. It almost looks like an icon for disability and in addition to this it is hard to make living independently not look like some who is lonely, which is why I feel these icons can do with a little more work next week.

I will also be working on an icon for family next week to complete the set and will update the images when ready.


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Branding, Becoming the Designer

At the beginning of the week had to collect my allocated job bag  with the brief and specifications inside. I ended up with a Welsh Blacksmith company called Creu Cof which means to create memory. They were established in 2014 by Aled and Cery Evans, who both specialise in delicate ironwork.

The brief they set for me was to become more visible to their target audience by designing a 5 touch points. We agreed on; Business cards, an A5 flyer for the craft shows they are part of, T-shirts to wear around the stall at the craft shows and the shop, a banner to hang at the stall and shop and finally a van for when they are driving about for deliveries and collections of materials.

After this was agreed I decided to do some research on the industry and see what were the iconic items associated with blacksmiths and sketched them up, while coming up with a few logos. While doing this I decided it would be good to try and incorporate some of the Welsh and Celtic knot designs somewhere to relate back to the Welsh heritage. The reasoning for this was because I didn’t want Creu Cof to look the same as any standard blacksmith. I then went onto drawing some quick scamps of touch points to see how they could look and giving me different ideas and combinations.

Apeollo (A work in progress)

This was my final outcome for the animation project, which I must say am very pleased with as it was my first attempt at doing something like this.

I started off the project by creating storyboards and sketches to help me and give me clearer directions on where I wanted the animation to go. The storyboards consisted of notes and images explaining what I would include in each scene. Within the notes I explained what sounds I wished to include as well as different transitions.

I decided to draw all of the images I wanted to use in the design, then by creating different layers on Photoshop was able to animate them. I did this by moving each individual layer a small bit, then saving it as a new jpeg file. This was very time consuming so had to manage my time well, but that is part of the skills needed to create animations. While editing my story on Photoshop I realised that because of how time consuming animation can be, I had to cut a few scenes from the original storyboard. Once finished on Photoshop I uploaded all my images into imovie. This was so I could add sound and decide how long each frame would last.

Each frame was 0.2 seconds long so the transitions would happen quickly, giving it a smooth feel, instead of feeling jerky. I found this was very time consuming editing every shot to the exact time frame I wanted.

A few sounds were all I needed, but I wanted them to happen in key places as sound plays an important role by helping create emotions for the audience. I decided on a rocket taking off and landing to help emphasize the key moments with in the animation. The main sound I used was the Star Wars theme  tune. This is because it relates to the space theme really well because of its iconic nature. By including this as the underlying sound throughout the clip I was able to draw in the audience, coupled with the opening title sequence.

At the end by using a simple fade to black I was able to signify the end of the animation to viewers.

In reflection there a few edits that need to be made, such as making the wave more realistic or not have it in the movie at all. The other one was at the end, have a more detailed close up drawing of the ape with him saying something different through speech.

Animation Storyboard

My second attempt at my storyboard was more successful than the first. This is because of the amount of written details and notes in the second version, compared to the first.

In the first scene I plan to use a similar opening sequence to the Star Wars films. By doing this, coupled with the Star Wars music playing in the background will instantly grab peoples attention. When animating this scene I found that the sequence moved to quickly to read the synopsis, so to compromise I had to make the title sequence longer on iMovie.

In the new storyboard there is a planned close up of the main character, Apeollo, landing on the moon. This is to add varying shots and to break up the sequence.

Because of the way my physical book was laid out it is all one scene, which is what I wish to portray my animation. This is the reason why I have little transitions planned for my final piece. I plan to only use a fade to black at the end to highlight the finish of story. I feel this would be effective because it is an easy signifier to the audience that the film has finished.

Formative Assessment

I have decided to do my formative assessment on the subculture, Punk. I will be looking at how a piece of punt art work and design reflects and represents the motifs, style and views of the sub culture.

The piece of design I have decided on is the album cover piece ‘God Save the Queen.’ I will then use other images to help to refer to. To make the final written piece academic I will research in books and online to back up points to make it an effective formative assessment.