Client Meeting for the Size of Wales

Towards the end of the last working week, me and my team met with our client, Claire. This was very helpful because of the useful questions we asked and prompted.

Here are the questions we asked and the information that Claire gave us:


How did you get involved with size of wales?

Academic – PhDin genetics, worked in research – 2012 moved on started emailing charities – size of wales offering a temporary internship however they also had a partnership manager job – it initially only started out as a short campaign, however things went better than expected especially in the education sector


What is the main thing you would like to achieve from this campaign?


Powerful stats and figures, there is no ‘sexy’ way to communicate climate change. She loves infographics, for example the metro newspaper, in centre pages they use big infographic spreads. They want resources to take to audiences – when it comes to working with adults they have a bigger audience, adults won’t admit to not knowing information, information is easy to communicate with infographics.

Infographics to appeal to a higher age audience, doesn’t need it for education, got it sorted with schools.

Do you have any brand guidelines?

Will send brand guidelines.


Have you got any access to any recent or existing campaigns that you have done?

No infographics existing – progress report however, not that many nice ways of conveying information. Will be producing another progress report, would be nice to have elements to use in progress reports


What do you think works best about these campaigns? What do you think didn’t work well?

Tree for Christmas campaign, once you’ve put up your tree why not donate £3 for one in Uganda

Go green day every October, varied in success due to staff capacity and time put into it – theme tends to work – this year Friday 13th.


Is there any campaigns run by other organisations that you think work well?

Metro newspaper and the office for national statistics.  Don’t like welsh government ones, they produced for similar campaigns. Not an image with huge realms of text underneath.


Where will you be displaying these infographics?

When going to a potential business partner, why is climate change important?

Resources for stands at events – a3 or a4 size

Social media, could use elements of the infographics on there.

Something that could be used on presentations – something maybe interactive that could be used on Prezi.


We know you want infographics and we know you want posters and print, is there any other forms of media that you want?

Pretty open to our interpretation.


How do you feel about increasing your social media presence? Via Instagram etc

Definitely –  social media is main channel of communication – main presence is online.


Do you want us to use the general facts as well as the size of wales facts or purely the size of wales facts?

Two different audiences, general ones trying to convince somebody they need to take part. Size of wales statistics are going back to the people that have funded and say look at the great work that we have done so far.


Are there any facts that you want us to focus on? Can provide us with a list of information that you want us to use?

Go facts – deforestation admits more carbon dioxide

Facts could fall into groups, so try and group and put them all into one infographic.


Would be interested in having a short film about who is behind size of wales – website is new so any feedback


Keen to appeal to as many audiences as possible – students would be a great group to expand to


Getting hold of them – email is first port of call, give a call if we want to have a chat. Other staff, currently recruiting for new staff – two other part time one in west wales so not in Cardiff whole time.


14th March – look at initial designs, not fully polished basic structure – guided by us as to what is achievable.



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