Creative Brief for the Size of Wales

After we received and read through the brief we were given, we then had to go away and write a creative brief. This is our interpretation of the brief we were given, taking key point and information which should be used through out the project. I found it helpful as it helped break down all of the information we were given, meaning me and the team could get a clear idea of what the Size of Wales were about and what they wanted.

  1. Background / Overview:

What’s the big picture?

The client is a non governmental organization, The Size of Wales based in Cardiff. Size of Wales inspires a whole nation to protect an area of tropical forest the size of the Wales as part of a national response to climate change. It is ran by Claire, Amiee, Lorie and Jamie who have organised lots of successful, global projects. They also do some work with schools to encourage them to get involved.

2. Objective. What is the goal of the campaign?

The main objective is to educate and engage the target audience with the effects of climate change, in a clear and concise format. The target audiences is adult based, corporate identity. It has to be accessible for everyone to view and to understand, meaning the idea and designs can’t be overly complex.¬† Hopefully by educating the audience, it should make them feel responsible for the changes going on in the modern day, hopefully leading to them being more conscious of what they are doing. This is where we need to come up with different questions to get people thinking and hopefully persuading them to buy into this idea. We also need to consider how we could send this to different audiences, and different ways we could send it. For example, for someone my age, Instagram would be a popular method, but for a different audience there might be better ways of targeting them.

3. Target audience: who are we talking to?

The target audience as stated by The Size of Wales are of an adult age, often part of a corporate identity. Although it is good to target these people, people who can have a say about how they change what they and the company do in terms of being more eco friendly etc, I feel it is important to educate the youths of today. The reason for this is being that we will quite possibly be the generation affected by the changes with our climate and the results of deforestation.

  1. What’s the most important thing to say or show?

I think the overarching argument should be how important the rain forest is to the Earth and they we need to slow down or stop the rates of deforestation. But what we need to do is pin point exactly what we are trying to say. In addition to this, we have been presented with a lot of facts about the rain forest and Co2, but what we haven’t got which would be good is the consequences of these actions.

5. Phases of creative development

This part is still a work in progress, where we look at existing examples of resources and research to help inform our decisions.


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