My Time So Far

With just over a week left this is a reflective post about my time spent here so far, and what i should come to expect during my final week here.

While being here I have learnt a fair few things ranging from new Illustrator and Indesign skills, that I didn’t even know existed, new life and social skills when  it comes to working with strangers, being part of a team and interacting with clients and that I can work under strict time constraints when called upon.

My most enjoyable moment so far has been working on the image for the Red Dragon poster, promoting the Centre during February half term. This reason behind this is because I love creating images with nice manipulation techniques and creating visual metaphors. I believe I enjoyed this project so much is because my idea and image is actually going to be used for a real life published design. (Still for obvious reasons I can’t post the final image here).

Moving on, my most beneficial experience has to be learning about some more in depth tools and skills on Adobe Illustrator, in my opinion, the tool I am weakest with. I sat down with one of the creative designers, Gareth, in which he gave me interesting demonstration on how to get the best out of it. I can now transfer these skills to my own practice, making my work look even better.

I wouldn’t say iv’e had least enjoyable moment but moments where I feel I had little to offer. The best example to this was a particular team meeting in which I sat in on. They were reviewing 2016 and explaining what they could do better for the future, but it was difficult for me being an intern to have much input into this lengthy meeting. Looking back though, it was interesting to see the dynamics between everyone, and how hey all collaborated.

I haven’t really developed a particular job role, but what I can say is that I have been doing a lot of image work. Some of this you have seen such as, the red dragon image, the veteran icons, the image of me for the mail shot and some Denbigh Army Surplus headers for social media etc (which will all be featuring in a later post). This constant working on image has been really great for me as it is my favored aspect of design, meaning I have been developing my skills in something I love.

During my time here the one thing I would love to improve on is not design related. I wish to improve on getting a more structured routine so I can be even more focused and on top of my game. This routine should mainly consist of of times I should get up and go to bed so I am not too tired part of the way through the day. I think this is something that will just come with time though.

The total experience as a whole has been an amazing eye opener and has only strengthened my passion for design work. To be able to work at a place like this in a fun and relaxed work environment would be an amazing achievement after education. This has impacted me to become even more determined to succeed in what I do so after education I can work in a great place and on a range of different projects.




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Jacob G-D

Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 20 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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