Penguin Book Cover Initial Idea


This is my initial design for the novel In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote. The main focus is on the hand as I feel it is the most interesting part of the cover. The idea behind it is that because it looks quite peculiar it will hopefully make the audience and potential buyers look twice at the book. The idea behind the imagery is that the black hand is representative of the murder and it is picking up the ranch where the Clutter family were killed, representing the family having the safety of their home taken away. The four hands with in the black hand, which create a sense of negative space portrays the four family members that were murdered by Perry Smith. The hand had also been drawn in the style of some of Tim Burton’s work such as the Nightmare Before Christmas. The long, thin fingers are supposed to look sinister, very similar to some of Tim Burton’s characters that he has created over the years. The choice of font, Franklin Gothic, I feel is a suitable choice of font because it has a serious element about it and this is a serious novel, so it is giving off the correct vibe to the audience.

Moving onto the back cover, there is far less imagery, just the two footprints, which is all the chief inspector had for leads at the start of the case. As much as this relates to the novel, I feel I could make the back cover more visually interesting by possibly playing with other imagery and slightly different artistic styles. In addition to this I believe the body copy of text on the back can be edited so it reads more clearly and has more of a structure to it. At the moment I feel after reviewing it I feel the font size could be reduced and with the introduction to some more playful imagery, the back cover would have more structure and be more interesting to look at, hopefully drawing more people into the novel.

My final point is that I feel this is too similar to Saul Bass’ work. The colour schemes and style of imagery can be edited slightly to make the design look more of a modern twist on Bass’ work. In light of this hopefully while I edit this design I can make it look more sinister and slightly less like a direct copy of Saul Bass’ work.



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Jacob G-D

Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 21 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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