My Life With Dinosaurs


This small but interesting publication is about my experiences with dinosaurs when I was younger. The front cover is interesting and draws the eye because of the dinosaur typography, hopefully making people look twice at the cover because it is very different to other  publications. Maybe so it fits with the rest of the colours inside of the booklet, I could possibly add colour to that to make it less flat, but none the less the design is still intriguing.

The first page sets the scene starting the story with one of my first key experiences with these huge beasts. It all started when I watched the series, Walking with Dinosaurs and I feel the imagery on the page fits well with the text. There is a picture of an old TV and VHS tape as these were the devices used when I much younger to record programmes I wished to watch at a later date. The images are set out and edited in a playful style to make it reminiscent of a child’s scrap book hence the bright  pop art style of image. This is to anchor the playful feeling with bright colours, colours which a young boy would love.

Moving on to the second spread, I have given it a subheading of The Evolution Stage. I feel this is a great and catchy heading because and a witty play on words, because like the dinosaurs, my interest started to evolve and change over time. The imagery on this page carries on with the scrap book theme with the bright image of the museum bleeding off the page, much like a young child has just slapped it onto the page. This is anchored by the opposite image of the huge bone bleeding off the page, next to a child like drawing of a young boy. The reasoning for this is to show the size and scale of dinosaurs, particularly when I was small lad, emphasising their size even more.

The  Third spread is about my collection of toys and is a complete double page spread in terms that it is together as one. I have placed the dinosaurs where they are on the spread so it looks like they are positioned how I used to play with them, pretending they were walking in great herds.

Overall I have really enjoyed this project because I love editorial publications but loved this one even more because I was able to do it on something I take a big interest in. It is the sort of project I can add to constantly as my interest is still evolving with time. If not I can still do similar publications with look at my enjoyable past and things I loved as a young boy. (I will upload some jpegs at a later date)



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Jacob G-D

Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 21 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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