Over the last few days I have been learning about creating a brand and what it entails. A brand is made up of three key elements; Identity, marketing and product. Identity is the face of the brand, the recognisable logo, colours, images and fonts. It is important to note that a brand needs more than just logo to become well known and successful. For a brand to be successful they need to have good marketing techniques such as posters, flyers, value additions and a social media presence, all of which are very easy and cheap to do.

For your product or service to be effective and successful your brand would have have a good USP or seize a gap in the market, as this will give customers a reason to buy into your brand. The values and beliefs of the brand should also be incorporated into the product to make it successful.

The main thing I have learned about branding so far is that there is more to a brand than a nice logo.


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Jacob G-D

Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 21 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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