Editorial Final Design

a matter of time new file final

In the final piece I made a couple of significant changes to the design. The first being that I changed the headline on the front page. I changed the font to Adelle Condensed so it fits with the body copy which is also the same font. I changed the title from League Gothic to this font because I felt League Gothic looked a bit too overbearing and clumpy. The only other difference on the front page is the positioning of the text. By placing it in the top right hand corner just looks better than having it scattered across the whole page.


a matter of time new file final2

The first change I made on my double page spread was changing the stand first. Originally it looked more like a subheading rather than an introductory paragraph because of the original point size of the font. So to emend this I made the point size much smaller, and in addition made it bold, only so readers can still see it is an introductory paragraph. All of these changes just gave it less hierarchy on the page but its intentions are still clear.

The second alteration was the change of font from Arial to Adelle Condensed. The thought behind this was because Arial felt a bit out dated while Adelle Condensed seemed to fit the tone of the article well.

The third and final edit was the call out going along the crack. The reason behind this was to break up the body copy and make the page more visual as people generally struggle to read lots of text at once and keep interested. By placing above the crack I felt was just a more visually interesting way of including it, rather than just have it placed separately on the page.

I also changed the number of columns on each individual page from a three columned grid to six. This was so I could have a bit more variant when in comes to layout on each page.

a matter of time new file final3

The most significant change in this page is the removal of the hourglass and in its place, the addition of more cracks and destruction. The reason for the removal of the hourglass was because it was of a cliche when it came to visual metaphors for time running out. By taking it out I have been able to play with different layouts. I have gone from using one column on each page to using two. It just makes it slightly different from the first spread, adding to the interest and interaction with the readers.

The only other edit was the change in position for the second call out. It was originally in a similar style as the first, running across the cracks in the wall, but the problem with the one on the previous design is that it didn’t look considered but more randomly placed. This call out I changed, used it to break up the body copy, but this time in a more simple way to the first spread.

a matter of time new file final4The final page has stayed the same with the final call out bursting out of the walls.


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Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 21 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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