World Soccer Magazine

Four Four Two.jpg

What I feel is good and interesting about this spread is how the layout is broken up, making it easier to follow for the reader.

It initially starts off with the headline, bold and with a background, so on the left hand page it gives it a sense of hierarchy, meaning it stands out more on the page over everything else. Directly below comes the deck. This gives the reader more context and by having it in a bigger and bolder point size than the actual article initially makes it the next thing for the reader to follow.

“RIVALDO” This could be seen as another heading because of the sheer size of the font, or as a sub heading. I feel it is a subheading because despite not being very long, it gives a lot of information to the reader just by telling us the players name.

Because of the way the spread is broken up I feel people will be drawn to the red of the fact file part because it stands out more than the plain body of text. It does take up the middle column of the 3, coupled with the secondary image and caption giving the image context. I feel because of the way it has been broken up with the fact file and secondary image makes this spread interesting, despite not being as dynamic looking as previous ones I have analysed.


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