Apeollo (A work in progress)

This was my final outcome for the animation project, which I must say am very pleased with as it was my first attempt at doing something like this.

I started off the project by creating storyboards and sketches to help me and give me clearer directions on where I wanted the animation to go. The storyboards consisted of notes and images explaining what I would include in each scene. Within the notes I explained what sounds I wished to include as well as different transitions.

I decided to draw all of the images I wanted to use in the design, then by creating different layers on Photoshop was able to animate them. I did this by moving each individual layer a small bit, then saving it as a new jpeg file. This was very time consuming so had to manage my time well, but that is part of the skills needed to create animations. While editing my story on Photoshop I realised that because of how time consuming animation can be, I had to cut a few scenes from the original storyboard. Once finished on Photoshop I uploaded all my images into imovie. This was so I could add sound and decide how long each frame would last.

Each frame was 0.2 seconds long so the transitions would happen quickly, giving it a smooth feel, instead of feeling jerky. I found this was very time consuming editing every shot to the exact time frame I wanted.

A few sounds were all I needed, but I wanted them to happen in key places as sound plays an important role by helping create emotions for the audience. I decided on a rocket taking off and landing to help emphasize the key moments with in the animation. The main sound I used was the Star Wars theme  tune. This is because it relates to the space theme really well because of its iconic nature. By including this as the underlying sound throughout the clip I was able to draw in the audience, coupled with the opening title sequence.

At the end by using a simple fade to black I was able to signify the end of the animation to viewers.

In reflection there a few edits that need to be made, such as making the wave more realistic or not have it in the movie at all. The other one was at the end, have a more detailed close up drawing of the ape with him saying something different through speech.

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Jacob G-D

Hi!! I'm Jake, I am 20 year old and a Graphic Communication student in my second year currently at Cardiff Metropolitan University. On this blog I will post snap shots and explanations of my work during my time at university.

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