Formative assessment Plan

How does this image represent the values and style of the punk culture in the 1970’s?



  1. British flag- This is sign of patriotic values and links to the queen and her British values. It also signifies that Punk originated in Britain.
  2. Existing image of the queen with black strips covering her eyes and mouth- This shows punks were anti monarchy by  defacing the queen.
  3. Black Strips across eyes and mouth-This has connotations of crime which is associated to the punk culture and way of life. This is enhanced even further by them being ripped, much like a ransom note, linking to crime again.
  4. Finally the name of the band and song are done in a bold news paper font-This is to show that Punks were beginning to make front page news. (For this I will use an example of when the Sex Pistols swore on live TV)

This art piece reflects their culture and style very well because of those reasons. It highlights the anarchy punks were known for, often shown through their clothing and music. (For examples here I will use the Sex Pistols as the band, and an image of Vivienne Westwood of her style and anarchic statements)

In my formative assessment I will add and expand on these points by researching on it more and finding quotes and theory to back up my points.

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