Type Specimen

A type specimen is a publication in which a typeface is shown and presented, detailing what fonts the typeface consist of. My typeface for this project was Franklin Gothic, by Morris Fuller Benton.

To Start the project I did some research into typographic posters that I found interesting and did a quick sketch of the layouts of each. Some of these were particularity interesting because of the messages and meaning embroiled within some of the designs, and how designers had managed to create images by only using text.

Typeographic posters

The second part of research I did was on the typeface and designer to include in my specimen. I found that it was designed in honour of famous printer, Franklin Benjamin, by designer Morris Fuller Benton. It was originally used for newspaper headlines, but in its modern time has been used in the Dark Knight Rises advertising campaign, as well as Lady Gaga’s, The Fame Monster album cover.

The final stage of my research was looking at existing type specimens that interested me. I found a few a labelled them in my sketch book. This was to show me what I needed to include in mine, to make my type specimen as effective as possible. The elements which I had to label were headings, sub headings, text boxes and examples of type from my type anatomy sheet, for example ‘nesting.’ By doing this I was able to sketch up some layouts and decided that I wanted half of mine to be black and white and then the other half white and black.

When designing this on Illustrator and InDesign, by having the poster half black and white and the other half vise versa it looked like the poster was two stuck together. So with some constructive feedback I added a gradient to make the poster flow. The only issue with this is that in places it is hard to read some of the text. In the poster there is a clear sense of hierarchy with in the text. The main heading, Franklin Gothic, stands out above the rest of the text as I wanted that to draw the eye first. Next is the sub headings which then lead the reader onto the rest of the information on the page.

Overall I was very pleased with my outcome. The only thing I would have to say is that I posted the wrong one up in the feed back session on the Friday, which had a few errors, mostly in the paragraph ‘Introducing the Designer.’ So when I get some time over the weekend I will amend these issues and re-post the latest version.

Type Specimen


Franklin Gothic (1st version)



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