Vernacular Type

In this task we were in groups of four and were allocated a word. Our word was ‘scarce’ which we had to show through the means of vernacular type.

First we did our research and found out about items and things that are often scarce in the modern world we live in now. The top results were food and money. We decided to go with food. With more research we found that during World War Two, butter, a modern day commodity was scarce because it was highly rationed so we decided to base our project on that.

We came up with many different out comes, but our final result was chosen because we felt as a group it represented the word best. We wrote the word ‘scarce’ using butter on a piece of bread, too small to spread across the whole piece. We felt that this was an effective way of representing the word. Also by using butter we used something that everybody can relate to, trying to scrape the last bits of butter out of the tub just to cover one piece of toast, emphasising the meaning even more.

Toast and Butter (Scarce)

This can be shown with the second photograph on here of the empty tub with ‘scarce’ written inside. We didn’t choose this photograph in the end because we felt the piece of toast looked far more professional with better light and contrast, and in this piece, the word ‘scarce’ was harder to read and make out.


Butter Tub (Scarce)



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